Standard-Field Todd County Airport

Standard Field Operating Policy

This operating policy has been approved by the Todd County Airport Board.  Adherence to this policy is required for use of Standard Field.  Standard Field (5KY4) is marked as a private airfield on FAA aeronautical charts.  Standard field is owned by Todd County and is open for public use. All pilots utilizing standard field must follow the policies approved by the Airport Board for use of the airfield.  These include the following:

1.Standard Field is a grass field which may require flight instruction specific to grass runway operations.
2.All federal, State, and local regulations governing the operation of an aircraft must be observed.
3.Night aircraft operations are prohibited.
4.Support trucks and vehicles shall remain clear of the runway to prevent ruts and hazards to other operations.  This shall include support trucks and vehicles associated with crop spraying operations.
5.The common use frequency for Standard Field is designated as 122.9.  The pilots of all radio equipped aircraft shall announce intentions and location when in the vicinity of the airport.
6.Pilots should remain alert for possible wildlife hazards on the runway including wildlife which graze or transit Standard Field.
7.Standard field is a grass runway illuminated by orange cones.  The appearance of the field varies with the seasons.  The condition of the field changes frequently.  it is the responsibility of any pilot utilizing the field to ensure suitability for landing.
8.Buildings are located in close proximity to runway 31 threshold.  Trees are located in close proximity to runway 13 threshold.  Frequent model airplane traffic occurs near runway 13 threshold.
9.Standard Field is frequently used for student pilot training.  Pilots should be aware and observant of the traffic patterns and runway usage.

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